Tuesday, May 15, 2012

LaJin & Pai Da Therapy

I was introduced to this natural self healing therapy in 2010.....after 2 years, someone was sharing with me again this beautiful therapy technique :)

There are more and more healing 'tools' & techniques been introduced. I am sure you have the question, which one is the right one for me? If you asked me, I don't have the answer for you too - you have to try it out yourself, listen to your body and you will know if that worked for you ^-^

I always believe when something presented to me, that is something for me to explore then I will decide how that will value added to what I am  practicing (or at least compliment on my existing practice). 

I really find this very useful and safe....There nothing for you to buy, you don't need to take any medication or perform any operation! (too good to be believed??? or too cheap to cure diseases??)

Nothing come easy, all you have to do is to have the determination and consistency in what you are doing! Nobody can help you except you can help yourself when come to health! You have the choice to choose what to put in your mouth, the type of lifestyle you like to enjoy, exercise you think will last for long..... YOU HAVE THE CONTROL.

There is a Chinese saying 'Wo de Jian Kang, Wo zou zu'.

Pls click on the side link for Xiao Lou Si blog and below is the link to Wu Ching Chong Lou Si sharing (http://su5118.sg1010.myweb.hinet.net/Handbook)

Here's the youtube you can enjoy -

Do drop me a note if you are interested to have the English version on the LaJin & Pai Da. I can email to you.


Xiao Lou Shi pai da will use our hands as tools, the pai ban is from Wu Lou Shi... I prefer the pai ban as I can see the sa coming out more quickly and my hands are less pain :)

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